Nothing says it better than a satisfied client.

If we're paying attention, we will notice how each detail in our lives has its place, whether one sees it as good or not, I firmly know that it's all good.

Each place we find ourselves, physically, emotionally, mentally, it's all there, right where it should be, to teach us the lessons we need to learn. Each person that comes into our lives, whether we realize now or in a later moment, was and is there because we need them to grow with and from through the lessons we bring each other.

Mirella and I crossed paths over a year ago now and have since become great friends. She has graced me with 3 stamps of potent symbolism to myself, reflective of my growth and journey. All of them free hand.

Awakening this spring, I went for tea and we sat and shared amazing conversation as she etched the most beautiful butterfly on my forearm, flying up towards my B symbol I had placed 5 years before transitioning to this coast. This particular tattoo holds a graceful symbolism for me, marking the journey I experienced this past spring break. Its beauty and delicacy will stand as an ongoing reminder every time I look down to turn my gaze up.

Having the comfort to just sit with Mirella and tell her my story in detail and then lay my forearm down and have her free hand exactly what I knew I wanted, but couldn't quite see graces me with knowing that I have discovered my artist for life. What an honor to be tattooed by a woman who can share a vision with you and then transform it into more than you imagined.

Also, knowing that she shares that honor to sit with you and mark your temple with symbolism that will walk with you for life, transforms the experience into something ultimate.
What more can I say, Mirella Knows.

- Brandie Beeds aka B.

"When I first decided to get a tattoo I had the usual concerns; who would be safe, clean and a good artist.

Shortly after, I saw a write up in the Province paper about Mirella and her studio. It was a great write up and had me seeking her out. As soon as I walked into her shop I felt comfortable with the surroundings and after meeting Mirella, I knew I had found the right Studio.

Mirella has been in the business now for 28 years. Since that first meeting, about 20 years ago, she has done all my tattoos and we have become good friends.

I love all the "Art Work" on my body and am very proud to show it off. I tell Mirella that I'm her walking billboard. I always have people saying how awesome they are and that the detail is incredible.

Mirella is the consummate professional and a great talent."

– Janice Meredith

"Several months ago I decided to get a small tribute tattoo for my 2 daughters... After much research I decided on Mirellas "TOUCH OF CLASS TATTOO" based on her extensive portfolio of standard and custom
art work.

I took a vision/concept to Mirella and she gave me a few options to choose from. After my initial piece, I then asked Mirella to help me create a one of a kind art piece that reflected my vision to expand on my original piece..."WOW"! She far exceeded more than I ever expected... in fact all of my friends and people that have seen the tattoo, have commented that it is a beautifull one of a kind piece that they have never seen before.

I had several more concept art work pieces that I wanted to have done and wanted a original twist on the pieces that I had envisioned... Mirella took my ideas from concept to design and with her artistic flare created the one of a kind pieces that I have today... truly one of a kind!

Mirella is a gifted artist that is committed in helping you achieve your artistic needs weather it be from her custom designs, her standard catalog or from your own custom creations. I would recommend her and her studio for all your artwork.

Mirella is truly a "TOUCH OF CLASS!"

– Derek Hogg

"Mirella's is a clean beautiful environment which enhances your faith in the safety of getting a tattoo done. Mirella herself is an amazing artist and easily offers her opinions to enhance your tattoo design idea.

She can also create amazing tattoos from an idea you have without being given a design. I have had 19 tattoos done 18 at Mirella's and all have turned out wonderful minus the one I had done at a competitors shop. I had Mirella recolor and outline the old tattoo and now I'm very happy with all 19 that I have. She has given me her opinion on each and helped design and make each tattoo beautiful and unique.

I have recommended her to all my friends and have several waiting to get tattoos at this moment. I hope all her customers have the same experience with a happy enjoyable talented women that I have had. She is reliable and in some ways has become almost like a friend.

Thanks for everything Mirella!"

– Joanne Blesch

"I have had all my tattoos done by Mirella. I feel safe knowing I'm in good hands with her."

- Shelley Corradini

"It took me five years to decide on an artist and shop that I felt safe with. I have visited several shops in Canada and the United States but did not feel comfortable until finding Mirella's."

– F. RV










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